Enjoy Life Junk-Free!

Is your old mattress taking up valuable space? Our mattress removal service is here to help. Say goodbye to the hassle of disposing of your old mattress on your own. We'll take care of everything, ensuring your space is refreshed and clutter-free. Enjoy the convenience and freedom of our mattress removal service and reclaim your space today!

Mattress Removal Services


Dispose of Your Old Mattress Responsibly – Let Us Handle It for You!

Getting rid of an old mattress can be quite a challenge, especially considering that many localities don't offer curbside pickup for mattresses. The hassle-free and environmentally conscious solution? Reach out to JDog Junk Removal & Hauling for seamless old mattress collection.

How the Process Works
Our commitment to respect extends to you, your home, and your schedule. Before arranging a mattress pick-up, keep the following points in mind:

  1. For mattresses infested with bed bugs, please provide advance notice.
  2. Punctuality is our promise – we'll be there as scheduled.
  3. Guide our team to the mattress you want us to collect.

Choose convenience, responsible disposal, and a clutter-free space with our old mattress pick-up service.